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10 American Cars Which Are Completely Unknown


When we consider carmakers from America, Detroit’s Big Three are the initial business that involve our mind. Ford, GM, and also Chrysler controlled the United States market for several years, yet if we attempt to dig much deeper, we will certainly find a few other carmakers, not as huge as these, that has actually created great lorries for some time. Below are 10 American cars you never ever came across.

10 Drakan Spyder

Source: autoweek.com

The vehicle you can see in the picture originates from California, as well as its name is the Drakan Spyder It is created to complete versus open-top cars such as the Ariel Atom and also Bac Mono, as well as it appeared in 2016 unexpectedly. The Spyder considers simply 2,000 extra pounds, while its LS3 V8 engine produces 450 horse power.