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2018 BMW M550d XDrive Touring – European Sleeper

2018 BMW M550d XDrive Touring

If you attempt to make a formula for the supreme automobile that might examine all feasible boxes, from deluxe to room, rate, ability to move, you’ll absolutely as well as up with something as Audi RS6, Mercedes E63 AMG T-Modell or Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon. Extravagantly lavish, roomy sufficient to ingest entire households with their baggage, exceptionally quick on the freeways as well as exceptionally severe in the edges. BMW does not have a correct counter deal, however something intriguing it does have. Presented with the previous generation as well as ultimately showing up with a brand-new one, 2018 BMW M550 d xDrive Touring.


This is M Performance design, not pure M one. It can not measure up to RS, AMG 63 or V, yet it can S, AMG E43 or V Sport. Plus surprisingly, BMW deal diesel version touched by M efficiency, which does make it distinct in between petrol-powered competitors.

2018 BMW M550d XDrive Touring

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For around $80 k cost, you’ll obtain an item of the M taste, yet not all, as that regulates magic six-figure numbers, yet anyhow, the most popular diesel motor worldwide is absolutely your own.

2018 BMW M550 d XDrive Touring Performance

This is “the” diesel that you can really crave for. The 3.0-liter I6 does not seem so unique, however take common twin-turbocharged tag as well as increase it by 2. Yes, this is a quad-turbocharged point as it has 4 turbochargers, another included contrasted to the previous generation. That quantity of things functioning as engine feeders ensure incredibly vast powerband, and also certainly automobile draws ferociously from as reduced as 1,000 rpm and also rotates halfway decent high for a diesel motor, while variable wind turbine geometry is utilized to reduce the unfavorable impacts of turbo lag.

2018 BMW M550d XDrive Touring engine

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Power outcome goes to 400 hp as well as 560 lb-ft of spin (760 Nm), which is 19 hp greater from the previous generation, greater than S6 Avant and also like E43 AMG T-Modell. 0-60 miles per hour sprint is carried out in 4.6 secs, which is extremely comparable to discussed opponents, yet the significant quantity of optimal torque and also gas effectiveness of unbelievable 39 mpg integrated (6 l/100 kilometres) is much above.

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2018 BMW M550 d XDrive Touring
Dimensions And Weight
Wheelbase N/A
Length N/A
Height N/A
Width N/A
Weight N/A
Engine And Transmission
Engine kind 3.0-liter I6
Displacement 3.0-liter
Power/torque 400 hp/560 lb-ft
Transmission 8-speed automated
0-60 miles per hour 4.6 secs
Top rate 155 miles per hour
Competitors: does not have any kind of straight rivals


It shows itself in several locations. Outside in blue brake calipers under unique two-spoke 19- inch alloys, in Cerium Gray for mirror real estate, side consumption accents, and also grille border, in gloss black grille slats and also somewhat bigger and also improved exhaust electrical outlets.

2018 BMW M550d XDrive Touring interior

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On the within, you have M wheel as well as pedals, while you can choose unique trims as well as seat furniture. It’s not almost the appearances, as you have xDrive or BMW’s AWD liking back axle, a suspension is tuned for even more aggression, the entire automobile is reduced by 0.4 inches (10 mm) as well as 8-speed Steptronic transmission changes are quicker while likewise being even more anxious with downshifts.

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2018 BMW M550 d xDrive Touring in fact does not have any kind of straight rivals. Cadillac CTS V-Sport comes just as a car, S6 Avant, as well as E43 AMG T-Modell are just petroleum powered, as well as their leading diesel deal within normal variations drop much except this BMW in power and also whatever else, while Volvo V90 is not also worth of stating for this celebration. To conclude, this is the only diesel-powered estate wagon, staying in exec course, that provides that unique discuss the alleys, and also if conservation of budget density at the gasoline station is your point, you do not have anywhere else to go.