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2018 Quant 48Volt – World of fantasy

This article is rumor

NanoFlowcell is cars and truck manufacturer started simply a number of years earlier in Liechtenstein. From the minute they enter the auto globe, they wished to damage all feasible borders. Much, Nano has actually provided us with numerous principles, however none of them got to manufacturing. They were all right here to provide brand-new located technical accomplishments in EV vehicle globe, and also everything beginnings with Koenigsegg Quant idea.

Mentioned principle impersonate supercar providing 519 hp with a variety of 310 miles, which later on developed in Quant E enhancing 920 hp in 2014 with an impressive variety of 372 miles, which was in fact established for manufacturing, although that never ever taken place. In 2015 one more development took place, and also it was Quant F this moment ranked at 1089 hp as well as 500 miles of array (it’s not inputting error), and also ultimately we remain in front of 2018 Quant 48 Volt readied to debut in Geneva this year.

2018 Quant 48Volt side view

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Let’s see for the minute what is the existing ideal manufacturing deal in the electrical automobile market. That would certainly be plainly Tesla Model S P100 D with 100 kWh battery increasing 760 hp as well as making a feasible series of 315 miles while speeding up to 60 miles per hour in simply 2.5 secs. That resembles Quant F velocity time of 2.8 secs, yet a lot less than its premium variety and also over 1000 hp number, while obviously, all those numbers appear like a joke to brand-new 2018 Quant 48 Volt.

This vehicle has much less hp from 4 electrical motors, 750 specifically, yet it takes 2.4 secs to 60 miles per hour as well as allegedly 612 miles of array which is nearly dual the one from Tesla. Aesthetically it looks virtually similar to F idea, with simply minor modifications.

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First NanoFlowcell presented advanced system making use of electrolyte liquids which are implementing crazy electrical variety numbers, yet 2018 Quant 48 Volt handle to bring something a lot more incredible. All EV cars operate on high voltage, yet as the name recommend Quant 48 Volt usages 48- volt electrical power oppose to 700 volts one in previous Quant F principle. That is groundbreaking, and also no auto manufacturer has actually had the ability to supply that until now.


Quite perhaps. Understanding the reality that Tesla Model S has a series of 300 miles when lots of EVs are circling 3rd of that is very easy due to the fact that you can in fact get it and also see it on your own. Tesla is an outright pioneer in this area presently, and also it is unusual that someone out of blue cases dual numbers. As we stated, Quant E was planned for roads with 372 miles of array, yet that was never ever recognized, so asserted variety was never ever examined in truth as any type of various other element of brand name’s modern technology.

Electrolyte liquids system was considered by long as unrealistic in truth and also very same would certainly go with the 48- volt system, which performance might be clarified by today’s scientific research. And also to that, owner of the firm Nunzio La Vecchia has actually been currently charged of fraudulence, as all stated designs could impersonate lure for vehicle makers to acquire supposed modern technology and also end with absolutely nothing at the end.

2018 Quant 48Volt back view

Source: topspeed.com

2018 Quant 48 Volt WHAT THEN?

Since NanoFlowcell has actually not respected enable any person to attempt to verify any one of its outstanding numbers and also because it is not ready to place any one of its cases in fact to the roadway and also in customers hands, we ought to see this as the creative imagination of feasible future. Some day EVs will certainly have 500 miles variety as well as perhaps they will certainly able to work on 48 voltage system, however absolutely not today or tomorrow.

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On the bonus side, we can appreciate its advanced as well as appealing appearances crammed in Panamera-shaped fastback body. Even more to that, the inside is fairly stylish and also lovely with unusually massive display extending from doors to doors and also changing every one of the dashboard, which is most likely inescapable future as Mercedes is currently half method there with S as well as brand-new E-Class. It will certainly all boil down to the appearances, after that.