Home Auto News 2021 BMW M4 Competition with Akrapovic exhaust makes 527 hp on dyno

2021 BMW M4 Competition with Akrapovic exhaust makes 527 hp on dyno


The BMW M4 Competition (G82) is still a fairly brand-new automobile, significance it will take a while priorto tuners are going to start rolling out extensive upgrade bundles for the high-performance coupe. In the meantime, a basic mod such as fitting an aftermarket exhaust system can capture out a coupleof more ponies from the inline-six, twin-turbo engine.

The 3.0-liter belonging to this beautiful Sao Paulo Yellow M4 now pumps out 527 hp at 6,672 rpm and 699 Newton-meters (493 pound-feet) of torque achievable from simply under 3,000 rpm. BMW formally rates the S58 engine setup in the Competition design at 503 hp and 650 Nm (479 lb-ft), however it’s a understood truth that German carmanufacturers tend to be excessively conservative when launching the power scores of their cars.

For this factor, the distinction in output may not be completely associated to the Akrapovic exhaust and its carbon fiber finishers. We should confess the soundtrack provided by this boldly specced M4 Competition isn’t especially amazing, however it’s partly because the carsandtruck has a gasoline particle filter as most brand-new Euro-spec cars function nowadays.

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2021 BMW M4 Competition with Akrapovic exhaust makes 527 hp on dyno

We’re hoping the fiercely expected M4 CSL coming next year will function a more aggressive exhaust note beyond the other upgrades that have currently been verified. Chief of which will be a huge weight loss of over 100 kgs (220 pounds), and we are likewise anticipating BMW’s engineers to work their magic on the inline-six engine and instill some additional zest.

The M department is keeping itself rather hectic these days by working on a range of spicy items, consistingof CS variations of the M3 and M4 for a prospective 2023 release. Of course, the most intriguing cars will be the XM showingup towards the end of next year with around 750 horsepower from a plug-in hybrid V8 setup and the long-overdue M3 Touring.

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Meanwhile, as more and more M3s and M4s hit the roadway, tuners are excited to work on the S58 and increase its output beyond what the Competition designs are offering in stock setup.

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