Home Auto News 2022 Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series appears in classifieds for $190,000

2022 Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series appears in classifieds for $190,000


The seller is seeking a $40,000 payday from their as-new LandCruiser 300 Series.

With just small numbers of Toyota’s highly anticipated LandCruiser 300 Series landing in dealerships across the country, the first example of a private listing with a significant markup has appeared online.

The LandCruiser is ostensibly brand new, with the mileage listed at only one kilometre. An additional photo shows it still has the plastic covers over the seats.

That $190,000 list price excludes government charges, which means a buyer could be looking at more than $200,000 by the time the LandCruiser is in the traffic.

The GR Sport is a top-spec variant of the new LandCruiser 300 Series, with an off-road focus. It gets Toyota’s new-generation e-KDSS sway bars, unique 18-inch wheels, a heritage-inspired grille and more premium interior.

The listing indicates that while the $190,000 will secure the vehicle, the seller will be accepting offers: “Sale by tender, will be sold. Closing Friday 17th Dec 5pm and we will be accepting the highest offer. Pay list price and I’ll remove the ad. First in best dressed.”

“Don’t wait until who knows when, available now … It’s real and physically in our possession.”

That inflated price compares to a list price of $137,790 before on-road costs, and a driveaway price of $148,850 for Queensland (where the LandCruiser is located) according to the Toyota website.

However expensive it might be, this example will still be a tempting proposition for many keen to jump the long waiting line for a new LandCruiser 300. Provided they can afford the $40,000 surcharge, that is. 

Along with high demand for Toyota‘s new flagship four-wheel drive, Toyota has been struggling to satisfy demand on a range of its more popular models like the LandCruiser 300 and RAV4. This is due to the complications from the COVID-19 pandemic; the brand has also been affected by the global semiconductor shortage.

Although Toyota has recently reported its production facilities for the new LandCruiser are operating at maximum capacity, high levels of pent-up demands means many buyers will be waiting up to six months for their LandCruiser 300 Series to arrive. 

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