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8 Non-Tesla Cars Elon Musk Has Owned


Before beginning his deal with Tesla, Elon Musk has actually had a lot of cars from various carmakers. While these versions have actually had a various fate– a few of them obtained amounted to whereas the various other acted as an ideas for the Tesla style– they do disclose that Elon Musk really is. Right here are 8 lorries that have actually been had by Elon Musk.

8. 1978 BMW 320 i

Source: businessinsider.com

According to Musk, he acquired the 1978 BMW 320 i for $1,400 as well as repaired it up directly. This was back in 1994, and also it had not been the luckiest acquisition due to the fact that the cars and truck remained in inadequate form and also among the wheels diminished after 2 years. When that occurred, Musk had not been behind the wheel– the vehicle was driven by one of his trainees in his very first firm called Zip2.