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Can I remove Silverlight?

Can I remove Silverlight?

Select Control Panel. Select Programs & Features. Locate and click on Microsoft Silverlight, then click Uninstall. Your PC will notify you when the uninstall process is complete.

How do I remove an Internet plugin from my Mac?

Anyway, if you want to remove a plugin that you installed on Safari, you can follow the steps below:

  1. In Finder, go to “Go -> Go to Folder“.
  2. In the dialog box that opens, type “~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/“.
  3. Once you spot the plugin you want to remove, simply select it, and delete it.

Where is my hard drive on my Mac?

Find your hard drive in the Finder and select it. If it appears in the Finder window sidebar or on the Desktop (it doesn’t by default—go to Finder > Preferences to change that), click your hard drive’s icon in either of those spots….

Why can’t I see my external hard drive Mac?

Check Apple’s Disk Utility to see if an external drive is showing up. Disk Utility is within System Preferences, or you can find it using Spotlight. If it is visible, then click the option to Mount, which should make it visible on the desktop and in the External Drives option in the Finder menu….

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Why can’t I see my USB drive on my Mac?

Occasionally, your Mac has already recognized the USB flash drive but not shown it on the desktop. Thus, you should go to Finder > Preferences > General and make sure the “External disks” option is ticked. Then you’ll see the USB flash drive showing up on Mac desktop….

Where does a USB show up on a Mac?

Insert the flash drive into a USB port on your computer. You should find a USB port on the front, back, or side of your computer (the location may vary depending on whether you have a desktop or laptop). Open Finder and locate and select the flash drive from the Sidebar on the left side of the window.

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Can data be recovered from a dead hard drive?

It is good if you have a backup of your important data. However, if you do not make a backup in advance, and find the components in your drive are still functioning, you can recover data from the dead hard drive with bootable CD/DVD of data recovery software – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard WinPE Edition.