Home Auto News Ease into the weekend with a world of only pink Porsche Taycans

Ease into the weekend with a world of only pink Porsche Taycans


It’s difficult to believe up a better or more pleasant method to slide into the weekend than browsing through a lot of pictures picturing a world filled specifically with Frozen Berry (pink) Porsche Taycans.

We definitely like the noise of such a world, and seeing it priorto our eyes is a rather amusing reward. Thank professionalphotographer Tomek Makolski for putting this series of photos together. You may rightaway presume this was a Photoshop task based on the number of Taycans in each picture, however that’s far from the reality. Every pink Taycan you see in the images is genuine, and to do that, Makolski had to take numerous pictures per area (moving the Taycan for each one), then layer the images on top of one another bymeansof computersystem processing.

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So yes, there is some Photoshop work going on here, however all the Taycans and the areas you see them in are extremely real. Makolski took this pink Taycan on a almost 2,000-mile journey around Europe that both begun and ended in Stuttgart, Germany. He went to Munich, the Austrian Alps, Monaco and the coast of Marseilles. This wasn’t Makolski’s initially Porsche job either, as he formerly put together a life-size 911 GT3 Lego series of images.

“After the Lego jobs, we were talking about doing something brand-new together, and Porsche recommended the concept of shooting the Taycan,” Makolski states. “It made me believe about the future of movement and the objective of the series endedupbeing to program electric cars being that much more common on the streets.”

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That objective appears to be more than accomplished, as pink Taycans are allover and anywhere in this series of pictures. Happy seeing!

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