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Genesis GV80 fastback and possibly GV90 leaked in design video


There haveactually been long-circulating reports that Genesis is establishing a big, fastback high-end SUV based on the GV80. Slightly sportier and probably more costly, it would be Genesis’ response to automobiles like the BMW X6, Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé, and Audi Q8. However, we sanctuary’t seen any teasers to recommend that these rumors are real. Well, upuntil an otherwise plain style video launched last week exposed, maybe mistakenly, its presence.

The video focuses on the Genesis style group, specifically the background of Chief Creative Officer Luc Donckerwolke. Design Operations Director Hans Lapine and Senior Exterior Designer Samir Sadikhov likewise make looks, however it’s a rack behind Sadikhov that is of most interest. As Motor1 observed, the screen appears to expose the fastback GV80 (we stubbornly refuse to call it a coupé unless it’s part of the name) in the rightmost column of the 3rd row from the top.

The style design looks comparable to the GV80, which sits behind it on the exactsame row, however is visibly various from the A-pillars back. The back profile drops down far previously in the roofline, producing that freight area-slicing angle high-end SUV client obviously love so much. There likewise appears to be a little spoiler on both the tracking edge of the roofing and below the back glass.

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While that looks like the most production-ready offering, another never-before seen SUV appears in the bottom left corner of the rack. Larger and boxier than the existing designs, it might be the range-topping GV90. Genesis has currently trademarked the name with both requirement and electrical variations, and reports state it might be a Genesis-badged alternative of the Hyundai Ioniq 7.

One automobile whose expose definitely wasn’t unintentional is a spectacular shooting brake variation of the similarly spectacular Genesis Concept X. Though it just appears as a style design, we frantically hope Genesis does construct it — even if it’s simply a one-off idea or a design that neverever makes it to U.S. coasts. Such appeal isworthyof to exist in the world.

Throughout the video you’ll see diecast variations of non-Genesis cars, from Bentleys to Lamborghinis. This is duetothefactthat Luc Donckerwolke led style at those brandnames priorto moving to Genesis.

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If the GV80 fastback and GV90 leakages weren’t unintentional, they were at least creative. Sadly, the video doesn’t do much to explain the real choices behind Genesis style. Donckerwolke has spoken to us in depth about the subject if you desire to understand more. What we desire to see most is that Concept X shooting brake, .

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