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How do I find my player ID?

How do I find my player ID?

You can get your Player ID Number by: 1. Looking in the upper right section of the title screen….What is my Player ID Number and how do I find it?

  1. In the Menu section.
  2. Tap Player Info.
  3. Your player ID is the number on the right of the screen.

How do I get my Pokemon player ID back?

To retrieve your user name:

  1. From the Pokémon Trainer Club sign-in page, select Forgot your user name?
  2. Enter the Email Address associated with your Pokémon Trainer Club account. This is a required field.
  3. Enter information for only one other field.
  4. Click Retrieve username.

Where is the Pokemon ID number?

A Pokémon Trainer’s ID number (Japanese: IDNo.) is a number that is assigned to a Trainer when they begin their Pokémon journey. It is shown in the Pokémon’s summary.

What is your screen name on Pokemon go?

The user name in your profile is used solely to log in to the Pokémon Trainer Club website. Nobody else can see your user name. Your screen name is only displayed in any public areas of the website if you have opted to share your public profile.

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What is a good name for Pokemon go?

With those instructions out of the way, let’s take a look at some of our favorite and funniest Pokemon nicknames.

  • Abra — Criss Angel or Teller.
  • Alakazam — Harry Houdini or Shaq-Fu.
  • Charmander – Charring Inferno.
  • Chikorita — Cucumber or Pickle.
  • Clefairy – Clip Art.
  • Cyndaquil — Mike.
  • Diglett — Mole Man.
  • Dugtrio — Mole Men.

What is a good nickname for Mewtwo?

Intimidating Names for Mewtwo

Angst Avenger Havoc
Annihilator Destroyer Overlord
Apocalypse Dominator Rage
Avatar Exterminator Vengeance

What turns into a snorlax?

Snorlax (Japanese: カビゴン Kabigon) is a Normal-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Munchlax when leveled up with high friendship. In Generations I and II games, their remakes, and Pokémon X and Y, wild Snorlax can be found sleeping in inconvenient locations.

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How much is a basic snorlax worth?

Snorlax – Base Set 2 30/130 (Rare Holo)

Merchant Edition Price
eBay Unlimited $2.49
TCGPlayer Unlimited $2.59
TCGPlayer Unlimited $2.59
TCGPlayer Unlimited $3.00

How much is a 1st Edition snorlax worth?


Grade Most Recent Price SMR Price
MINT 9 $790.00 $800.00
NM – MT 8 $362.90 $400.00
NM 7 $201.00
EX – MT 6 $199.00