Home General How is River Country important to Aboriginal people?

How is River Country important to Aboriginal people?

How is River Country important to Aboriginal people?

Plants and animals The rivers and lakes of the Basin support unique habitats critical to waterbirds, native fish, reptiles and protected wetlands. Water for First Nations Water is vital to Australia’s First Nations and is essential for spiritual and cultural wellbeing.

What is the aboriginal name for the Murray River?

The Murray is one of Australia’s longest rivers. Our people have been living here for thousands of years. We call the river Millewa or Tongala. It starts high up near Mt Kosciusko and winds through the saltbush and mallee plains of New South Wales and Victoria.

What is caring for country?

Caring for country centres on the relationships between Indigenous peoples and their country, which includes their lands, waters, plants, animals, heritage, culture, ancestors, laws, religions and more (Rose 1992, 1996).

What does coorong mean in Aboriginal?

The name Coorong comes from the Ngarrindjeri name ‘kurangk’ The word ‘kurangk’ means long, narrow neck and it was given to the area by the Ngarrindjeri people. Ariel pic of the Coorong’s long narrow neck (with Meningie Pink Lake)

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How do you say white fella in Aboriginal?

Gubbah is a term used by some Aboriginal people to refer to white people. The Macquarie Dictionary has it as “n. Colloq.

What is the indigenous name for the Coorong?

The Ngarrindjeri people are the traditional Aboriginal Australian people of the lower Murray River, western Fleurieu Peninsula, and the Coorong of the southern-central area of the state of South Australia. The term ngarrindjeri means “belonging to men”, and refers to a “tribal constellation”.

Why was coorong declared a national park?

The national park was formed in 1967 as a sanctuary for many species of birds, animals and fish. It attracts many migratory species. It provides refuge for these animals during some of Australia’s regular droughts.

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How the Murray River was made Dreamtime story?

The Ngurunderi Dreaming. In the Dreaming, Ngurunderi travelled down the Murray River in a bark canoe, in search of his two wives who had run away from him. A giant cod fish (Ponde) swam ahead of the Ngurunderi, widening the river with sweeps of its tail. Ngurunderi chased the fish, trying to spear it from his canoe.