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How to Install Cinnamon on Ubuntu 14.04?

Cinnamon is a popular Linux desktop based upon GTK that got its start as a fork of GNOME Shell. It is an official desktop environment of Linux Mint. However it is likewise readily available for other leading distros like Arch Linux, Open Suse, Fedora and so on. If you are using one of these distro then you can go to here, to discover the information on how to it. For Ubuntu users there is a newest PPA created by Lester Carballo Pérez. To install the current Cinnamon 2.2, do the following-

Open terminal and type the following command:

[cc lang=”bash” ] sudo add-apt-repository ppa: lestcape/cinnamon [/cc]

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This will include the PPA.Now update the plan list by running this command:

[cc lang=”bash”] sudo apt-get update [/cc]

After the updating is done just type this:

[cc lang=”bash”] sudo apt-get set up cinnamon [/cc]

After the setup is done and you wish to run to use the Cinnamon Desktop Environment. What you have to do is just log-out and login once again with Cinnamon Desktop Environment marked.

How to get rid of Cinnamon?

Install PPA-purge initially.

[cc lang=”bash”] sudo apt-get install ppa-purge [/cc]

Type this:

[cc lang=”bash”] sudo ppa-purge ppa: lestcape/cinnamon [/cc]

Happy Tweaking!!

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