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How To Withdraw “Check In With Apple” Used In Third-Party Apps?


When registering for an app or a website, you can choose between a number of single sign-on (SSO) services such as signing up with Google or Facebook. The one that I utilize on a regular basis is “Sign in with Apple.”

One big benefit of utilizing Sign in with Apple is that you can conceal your email from third-party apps. Apple declares it does not track user activity on the app or site when you are logged in utilizing your Apple ID. It just shares what’s essential, whereas Google and Facebook tend to overdo it.

That being stated, it’s still a good idea to revoke third-party app access to your Apple ID once the app is no longer in use.

How to revoke “Check in with Apple” qualifications for a specific app?

There are countless apps on the Google Play Store and the App Shop, and a few of them are out there just to get their hands on our individual data. Sure, tech giants have contingency plans for if an app designer attempts to specific data without user consent, however it’s still better to be safe than sorry.

So, if you want to stop utilizing your Apple ID with an app, here are the actions you require to follow–

  1. Go to your iPhone or iPad settings
  2. Tap on your name
  3. Tap on “Password and Security”
  4. Tap on “Apps using Apple ID”
  5. Tap on the app with which you wish to disassociate your Apple ID.
  6. Tap on Stop using Apple ID > Stop utilizing
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You can do the very same on your MacBook. Just go to System Preferences > Apple ID > Password and Security > Apps using Apple ID. Now, revoke any app’s access to your Apple ID.

Withdrawing the “Sign in with Apple” access to apps can also be done online. Sign in to your Apple ID account page, then click “Apps & Websites utilizing Apple ID” under the security area.

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Stop receiving emails from the app

Maybe you are revoking “Check in with Apple” qualifications for a particular app since the app designer is sending a lot of emails.

Even if you hide your email from the app, there are possibilities that you will receive advertising emails from the designer on your main email ID. Nevertheless, you can turn that off by going to “Apps using Apple ID” settings.

From there, shut off the “Forward To” and tap on the Stop on the timely. Now, you will not receive any emails from the app or site.

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Thanks to Apple’s rigorous personal privacy policies, there is very little developers can do even if apps are left with your Apple ID signed in, but it’s still a great idea to get rid of apps’ access to your Apple ID.