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IBM unveils Brain-Like chip: TrueNorth chip


Few week ago IBM unveiled the TrueNorth chip which is being hailed as the Brain Chip. IBM’s research was published in Science magazine.

I BM’s chip replicates brain-like functions of nerve cells, synapses and much more. Each chip contains 1 million neurons and 256 millions synapses. The chip can making very complex computations like a super-computer and likewise shows off decision making and learning capabilities of a human brain. It is a product of neuromorphic engineering which is a way to mimic the working of biological brain.

The chip is an outcome of 10 years of research study, $3 billion financial investment and 200 people’s efforts. It works on just 70 mW energy, equivalent to a hearing aid.

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TrueNorth Chip (Courtesy: https://www.research.ibm.com)

” It’s a supercomputer the size of postage stamp, the weight of a feather and operates on the power of a hearing-aid, It’s a truly extreme innovation.” said Dharmendra Modha, primary researcher for intelligence computing at IBM Research study.

” Creating this chip was no cakewalk, many believed it was difficult. The difficult has now ended up being possible. We hope the possible will someday become real.” said Modha.

IBM SyNAPSE Team (Courtesy: https://www.research.ibm.com)

IBM says it can handle and lead future improvements in memory, information transfer and interaction combination, logic and sensor innovation.

For more, go to: IBM Research

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