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Is it possible for a cross section of a cube to be a hexagon?

Is it possible for a cross section of a cube to be a hexagon?

Hexagonal Cross-Section of a Cube (In mathematical terms, the intersection of a plane and a cube.) For example, if you cut one corner off the cube, the surface that you expose is a triangle. This model shows that you can create a regular hexagon.

Can a cross section of a cube be a circle?

It is not possible to create a circular cross section of a cube.

Does a cone have a uniform cross section?

Prisms and cylinders have uniform cross-sections, but pyramids and cones do not.

Can a cone have a rectangular cross section?

A rectangular pyramid sliced parallel to its base would result in a rectangular cross section. Correct! A slice of a cone cannot have right angles. A prism sliced parallel or perpendicular to the bases could result in a rectangular slice or cross section.

What is uniform cross section?

uniform cross-section. • a cross-section of a solid that is the. same size and shape as its base.

What is a cross section of a rectangular prism?

A cross section is the intersection of a plane and a three dimensional figure. A rectangular prism can have several different types of cross sections. If the cross section is perpendicular to the base, it will be the same as the lateral faces (for a rectangular prism).

How do you calculate the cross section of a cable?

The cross-section A is calculated according to the formula “Diameter² x Pi / 4”. I test this measurement on a cable whose cross-section I know. I measure a diameter of 3.1 mm. According to the calculation, the cross-section is 7.5 mm².

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How does cross section affect resistance?

More collisions mean more resistance. Second, the cross-sectional area of the wires will affect the amount of resistance. Wider wires have a greater cross-sectional area. In the same manner, the wider the wire, the less resistance that there will be to the flow of electric charge.

What is the equation for resistivity?

Resistivity, commonly symbolized by the Greek letter rho, ρ, is quantitatively equal to the resistance R of a specimen such as a wire, multiplied by its cross-sectional area A, and divided by its length l; ρ = RA/l. The unit of resistance is the ohm.

Does current depend on area of cross section?

The amount of current does depend on the cross section of a wire, that is, the for a given conductor, the resistance is doubled as the cross-sectional area is halved. The EMF provided by the voltage allows for current to flow.

Does the current depend on the length of the conductor?

R is proportional to ‘l’ (length)of the conductor… Here I (current) is inversely proportional to the R (resistance) there for when the length increases then the flow of current decreases and vice-versa! so, current depends on the length of the conductor.

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Does drift velocity depend on area of cross section?

The drift velocity does not depend on the length or the cross sectional area of the wire, when dealing with a macroscopic (ordinary, everyday life) wire. So, for example, if A doubles, I will also double (wire capacity doubles), keeping J constant.

How does current in a circuit depend on resistance?

Current tends to move through the conductors with some degree of friction, or opposition to motion. This opposition to motion is more properly called resistance. The amount of current in a circuit depends on the amount of voltage and the amount of resistance in the circuit to oppose current flow.