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Lexus ROV concept is a hydrogen-powered luxury side-by-side


Side-by-sides come in all shapes and sizes, however we’ve neverever seen one like the Lexus ROV idea. For one, it’s a Lexus; the company is not a huge gamer in the side-by-side sector. It’s as glamorous as the badge on its nose recommends, and it’s powered by a hydrogen-burning engine.

Lexus discussed that the ROV (an acronym that stands for Recreational Off-highway Vehicle) is its “response to the growing enthusiasm for the outdoors and daring spirit of high-end customers.” It likewise highlights the brandname’s desire to style lifestyle-oriented items, and it showcases the engineering department’s researchstudy into brand-new innovations. The ROV extends 322 inches long, 68 inches broad and 71 inches large. And, while it doesn’t wear a giant spindle grille, it falls in line with the Lexus style language thanks to angular body panels.

Inside, the ROV uses a set of seats with utilizes and suspension aspects to filter out bumps, carbon fiber accents and a fairly easy instrument cluster with an analog tachometer and a digital screen. Lexus notes that the “Tazuna” method to interior style that has shaped most of its current principle cars penetrated the ROV, significance the cabin is human-centric. Interestingly, it likewise points out that the ROV fulfills the verysame tranquility, sturdiness, and reliability requirements as the regular-production cars it offers, which is no little accomplishment.

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Power comes from a direct-injected 1.0-liter engine that burns compressed hydrogen kept in a tank. Lexus didn’t release technical information so we wear’t understand how much horsepower or torque the engine makes. Its cylinder count wasn’t even released, though zooming in on the exhaust manifold validates that it’s a three-cylinder. It’s mostlikely not a coincidence that momsanddad business Toyota tested a hydrogen-powered Corolla race carsandtruck powered by a 1.0-liter hydrogen-burning triple earlier in 2021. That engine was turbocharged, nevertheless; this one is not.

Looking at the center console exposes the ROV is gearedup with a two-speed transfer case and locking differentials, so it needto be capable off the beaten course. Lexus likewise informs us its veryfirst side-by-side uses users a big quantity of suspension travel.

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Is this simply theoretical, or is Lexus major about taking on Polaris? We’ve asked, and we’ll upgrade this story if we discover more.

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