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Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot cleared for use in Germany


The Drive Pilot semi-autonomous driving system by Mercedes-Benz hasactually been cleared by German federal motor transportation authority (KBA) to be provided for public sale, the carmanufacturer has stated in a declaration. This makes Mercedes-Benz the veryfirst carmanufacturer to fulfill the legal requirements of UN-R157 for a Level 3 self-governing driving system, it states.

In terms of series-production lorries, Drive Pilot was revealed with the debut of the W223 S-Class, which Mercedes-Benz stated at the time would be accredited for Level 3 hands-free driving this year. With Drive Pilot now conference the legal requirements, the veryfirst systems of the W223 S-Class with Drive Pilot will be provided in the veryfirst half of2022

The opening of the Road Traffic Act in Germany for Level 3 systems in 2017 madeitpossiblefor the nation to produce a legal basis for the meant usage of these self-governing driving systems, though the technical approval policy with which the system can be accredited did not take impact till the start of this year, stated Mercedes-Benz.

Drive Pilot will atfirst be used on 8,197 miles (13,115 km) of highways in Germany, and substantial test drives are currently being brought out for the systems in other markets, such as China and the United States. The innovation will be rolled out in more areas as quickly as there is a nationwide legal structure in location for conditional automatic operation in extra markets, the carmanufacturer stated.

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Approval of the Drive Pilot system likewise uses to the EQS

On appropriate extends of highway when traffic density is high, motorists can choose for Drive Pilot to take over driving, atfirst at a lawfully allowed speed limitation of 60 km/h. This then allows the driver to carryout small jobs on the main displayscreen such as interacting bymeansof In-Car Office. Applications that are generally obstructed on the main displayscreen when driving can be madeitpossiblefor in Drive Pilot mode.

Drive Pilot-equipped designs such as the S-Class likewise have extra steering and braking systems as well as a additional onboard electrical system in order for the vehicle to stay manoeuvrable, even if one of the systems stopworking, therefore guaranteeing safe handover of vehicle operation to the driver can be brought out.

If the driver stopsworking to retake manage of the vehicle even after duplicated and progressively immediate triggering, such as in the occasion of a extreme health issue, the system will sluggish the vehicle to a deadstop in a managed way with ideal deceleration. Once at a stop, the vehicle will unlock its doors and windows to makeitpossiblefor simple gainaccessto for any veryfirst responders on the scene.

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“With this turningpoint, we are when onceagain showing our pioneering work in automated driving and likewise starting a extreme paradigm shift. For the veryfirst time in 136 years of vehicle history, the vehicle takes over the vibrant driving job under specific conditions,” stated Mercedes-Benz chief innovation officer Markus Schäfer.