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My New 1996 Pontiac Firebird Is A Manual & I Can’t Drive Stick



When my otherhalf and I purchased our 1996 Chevrolet Suburban, our primary objective was that we would usage it to bring my valuable Mazda2, with its ended plates, back from Canada to Texas when the borders opened. That hasn’t tookplace, and it’s looking all the more mostlikely that there’s going to be a duration of time where the ‘Burb is in Canada and I have absolutelynothing, so we’ve been shopping for a everyday for me that’s under $3,000 and can be quickly turned lateron. We’ve chose on a handbook 1996 Pontiac Firebird. There’s simply one issue: I can’t drive stick.

I understand, I understand. I can currently see the remarks that will berate me for not understanding how to drive stick. It’s occurred priorto, and it is unpleasant each time. “You oughtto understand how to drive stick to even certify for a task at Jalopnik,” some of you will cry. And I get it.

It’s not like I sanctuary’t made an effort. I foundout with a buddy (very briefly, like actually a 2 hour lesson in 2017), however as it turns out, really coupleof individuals are ready to really offer me a shot behind the wheel of a handbook vehicle if I wear’t understand how to drive a handbook. So, I’ve stayed stagnant.

So, as my partner has continued to sendout me the verysame listing for the exactsame 1996 Pontiac Firebird for the past coupleof weeks, I lastly asked him what’s going on.

“It’s simply $2,200,” he’d plead. “It’s in the spendingplan. It’s, like, best.”

“This is expected to be a day-to-day driver for me, ideal?” I would ask. “The automobile to tide me over while I wait for both of my cars to come back to Texas?”


“Then inform me how I’m expected to go select it up when it’s a handbook transmission, I can’t drive stick, and you’re not even in the nation.”

Radio silence. And then, a coupleof hours lateron, a demonstration that it’s still a damn excellent vehicle.

The listing is likewise short and sweet. As per the seller, this Firebird consistsof the following: “5 speed handbook v-6, brand-new tires, CD gamer, a/c blows cold, runs terrific.” It is apparently in great condition. Crucially, it likewise has that gorgeous blue bird painted on the hood.

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So I looked at the listing onceagain, and I saw that it provided shipment. I sighed. I called my spouse. “If you can get it provided to me, you can purchase it.”

As it turns out, the seller will be providing us this vehicle, which we will be buying sight-unseen and which I will then continue to effort to discover how to drive so that, when my otherhalf leaves with my sweet, lovely ‘Burb in January, I’ll have a vehicle that I can usage to get groceries in.

I feel like my thinking is strong, even however I am confessing that with a soul-crushing weariness. I am, honestly, exhausted of not being able to drive stick. I’m exhausted of everybody who uses to teach me to drive stick support out at the last 2nd duetothefactthat I can’t currently drive stick. I’m wornout of my leasing automobile alternatives being minimal when I travel abroad. I’m exhausted of my press journey chances being restricted.

And I am likewise a lot muchbetter at knowing something when I can do it alone. My finest stick-shift instructor was previous Jalop Alanis King, who was motivating and client. I was likewise findingout in a press vehicle that we were then informed to stop utilizing duetothefactthat I may break it. Having my own vehicle that I can practice in all the time at my own danger on my own home all by my lonely might simply be the thing I requirement to lastly make the handbook lessons stick.

So, thinkabout this the start of a brand-new period of Elizabeth Blackstock — and a entire brand-new series of blogsites where I share my trial and mistake as I get utilized to that 3rd pedal.

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