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Rust-Based Redox OS 0.6 Launched With New RMM And Plan Format

After more than a year and a half years of advancement, a new variation 0.6 of Redox operating system has actually been launched with bug repairs, numerous improvements and new features.

For those unaware, Redox is a micro-kernel-based, full-featured operating system purely written in memory-safe and most-loved shows language Rust.

What’s New In Redox OS 0.6?

Speaking of new modifications, the most recent Redox OS 0.6 includes a complete reworded kernel memory supervisor called Redox Memory Management (RMM).

The brand-new memory supervisor has actually removed kernel memory leaks and made multi-core assistance more steady.

Furthermore, version 0.6 presents a new bundle archive format for Redox OS called Pkgar (Bundle Archive), which creates and extracts cryptographically safe and secure collections of files faster than the previous tar format.

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Relibc, a portable POSIX C standard library written in Rust, has likewise gotten some improvements.

Furthermore, the new rust-based build system now utilizes TOML file format rather of shell scripts and has also ported variety of bundles to it.

Subsequently, cookbook, a collection of bundle recipes for Redox, has been refreshed to support this new construct system.

Here are the other crucial improvements that Redox OS 0.6 has added:

  • Revamped asm macro
  • Permit debugging programs utilizing GDB (GNU debugger) on Redox OS
  • Update Redox Filesystem to variation 0.4.3
  • Included Redox-flavored io_uring user interface (a user interface for low-overhead high-performance async I/O)
  • Redox kernel 0.6.0
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To see all complete updates, you can have a look at the code modification contrast in between version 0.5.0 and 0.6.0.

If you want to attempt the brand-new Redox OS 0.6, you can also download its available images from here.