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Tata Motors teases mystery Auto Expo 2020 electric concept [update]

Update – Tata Motors has posted more teasers and it looks like they are dealing with two vehicles – the production Tata H2X (Tata Hornbill) and a second vehicle that provides relaxed commuting experience with flora in the cabin.

Tata Motors has started teasing a mystery concept vehicle on its Instagram page. At every edition, Tata Motors has presented at least one design concept and a host of technological demonstrators previewing electrified powertrains, safety features, connected car features, etc. Concepts like the KITE 5, Nexon, 45X, H5X and the H2X from the past 6 years have transitioned to production vehicles. The show cars are displayed carrying the promise to become driveable and purchasable within a few years with at least 70% of the design translating to the showroom-spec vehicle.

Largely the media expectation is that the production or close to production H2X (codename: Tata Hornbill) would be unveiled at the biennial event next to the Tata Gravitas and the BS6 versions of Tata’s complete lineup. But the three posts and the accompanying captions on Tata Motors’ Instagram page yesterday confirm that there is more.

One photograph shows what appears to be a grille with vertical slits, and going by the style and size, it could be that of an electric SUV or MPV with a large front surface.

The first caption reads “Well balanced, poised and designed with tasteful minimalism, here’s a concept which has been crafted to mirror your active lifestyle,” which points to outdoorsy design and functionalities, a fit description for an adventure-type model with large wheels, high ground clearance, a big boot, roof box and perhaps AWD.

The second caption that accompanies the image of the vehicle’s seat fabric reads “Modern, progressive and optimistic. Design that defines the future of mobility and that of modern India.” The future of mobility in India is electric (and so is the theme of the Auto Expo) so it can be assumed that the futuristic Tata concept has a charging inlet.

Lastly, the most puzzling caption is showing the car’s light signatures – “Are you ready to take a trip down memory lane? Here’s a glimpse of true vision that looks back and sees the future.” The Tata Motors fanclub has been calling for the company to bring back the Tata Sierra for years, but we have to wait for a while to confirm if this is the answer.

We’ll update this article as we gather new information.