Home Electric Cars Thai designer Piriya seeks to bring ‘Spider’ EV to production

Thai designer Piriya seeks to bring ‘Spider’ EV to production

Thai designer Piriya seeks to bring ‘Spider’ EV to production

Thai automotive designer Piriya Chitpranee spent 10 years in different positions for Honda R&D South East Asia, Tailg, Greenger Motors and Edison Motor company. In 2019, he decided to quit working for others to introduce his own company noticing that mainstream players such as Honda and Yamaha would present electrical two-wheelers in the early part of the next decade. His research led him to think that mass customer acceptance for EVs in Thailand would begin in 2023, and that there was an opportunity for a startup with a premium product.

Having published four sketches on Facebook of that of a scooter, cruiser and two various street bikes, the public vote came in favour of the ‘Spider’ bike which Piriya is looking for to give production in little numbers.

His proposition, the Spider, based upon an aluminium frame, is smaller sized than the Honda Rebel 300 at 2109 x 1093 x 820 mm with a wheelbase of 1453 mm, seat height of 675 mm, hoisted on 90/9021 R front tyre and 150/7015 R rear tire. Piriya states his bike would hit a leading speed 120 kmph and do 100 km per charge.

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Piriya is aiming to raise cash to develop a model. His timeline for the launch of the bike is 2021 with a sales target of 50 systems, and increase to 300 systems by2023 The vehicle will cost about 200,000 THB (USD 6,500) and would be built in a leased assembly line someplace in the country.

Currently the only electric two-wheelers in the Thai market are those imported from China. Piriya means to place his vehicle as a pseudo cruiser above the Honda Rebel300 The ‘Sport’ classification volume, he forecasts, would hit 15,000 units by 2023 and the Spider, he says, could represent 2.5% of the share.

You can head over to https://www.facebook.com/pariautomotoiveart/ to check out his work.