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The Best Car Product Placements in Movies


Car firms have actually collaborated with Hollywood considering that very early days, as well as they presented their newest designs in the films. We are advised of this by seeing the Lexus LC 500 in Black Panther, a movie which is establishing ticket office documents. James Bond name is very closely associated to Aston Martin, as well as also though the personality has actually been seen in several automobiles over the years, it is Aston Martin that we assume of when we speak regarding the secret representative. Listed below, you can see some instances of the very best automobile item positionings in the films.

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7. Subaru in Portlandia

Source: nytimes.com

Subaru in Portlandia is spot-on! What auto could ultra-liberal stereotyped personality drive? Japanese carmaker did an outstanding task of showcasing cars in Portlandia. They took care of to display the Impreza in a number of episodes, however there is additionally an internet video clip collection which shows the Subaru designs introduced by IFC. What is fantastic regarding their positioning in Portlandia is the reality that the brand name is preferred in the northwest area of the nation. That is why we enjoy to see numerous Subaru designs right here.