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These 4 Android And iOS Apps Won CES 2021 Development Awards


Among the most significant innovation events, CES 2021, will commence on January 11 th. The event will be loaded with innovative tech products and will set the ground for upcoming technology.

Prior to the centerpiece, the Consumer Innovation Association (CTA) has actually revealed the CES 2021 Development Awards that consists of the best of innovation and honorees of 2021.

Software and hardware across 28 classifications have been offered these prominent awards to “honor[ing] impressive design and engineering in consumer technology products.”

In the classification of software application and apps, four apps that are readily available on the Google Play Shop and App Shop have actually been recognized as the most innovative by the CTA.

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CES 2021: The majority of innovative Android and iOS apps

1. Typewise Keyboard

Typewise Keyboard has handled to bag the CES Development Award 2021 Honoree, thanks to its special honeycomb layout, which decreases typos as much as 80%. According to Typewise, the keys are over 70% larger and a lot easier to strike due to the hexagon design.

Aside From that, the keyboard app comes with all the features that you try to find in the best keyboard app such as intuitive gestures, wise autocorrect, and more. The typing app likewise runs locally on your gadget and does not transfer your information over the cloud.

The app supports as much as 40 languages and enables the user to key in numerous languages all at once without changing keyboards.

Google Play Shop
App Store

2. SoundID

SoundID is a must-have app if you are a big audiophile. The app, which has bagged the CES Innovation Award 2021 Honoree, lets you produce an individualized noise profile that can enhance your music listening experience.

You can tailor the sound and make fine-tune modifications with an easy and user-friendly test. Sound personalization is based upon what headphones you are using, your hearing capabilities, and audio choices.

As soon as you have developed a sound profile, you can link to popular music apps such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube music, and play music according to the sound profile.

Google Play Store
App Shop

3. Epsy

Epsy is the only app awarded the very best of development title in the CES innovation awards for 2021.

The health app is primarily for epilepsy patients. Epsy enables users to track seizures and conditions that might be adding to the persisting seizures. You can also set reminders to take medications and set up a medication strategy.

Over time, Epsy develops clever charts and personalized information reports that inform you how medication, triggers, and surroundings affect your epilepsy. You also have the choice to share the reports with a qualified doctor.

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4. Satisfyer Connect

Another honoree at the CES 2021 Development awards, Satisfyer is a sexual health app that uses haptic control, simulation programs, and the capability to link approximately 4 gadgets.

The wellness app supports over 30 languages and provides the ability to sync devices even if they are miles away. When it comes to personal privacy, Satifsfyer offers simple ways to control your data.

Google Play Store
App Shop

Many innovative apps of 2021

So these were the most ingenious apps of 2021, as per the CES2021 Let us know in the remarks down listed below if you believe any other app ought to have made it to the list.