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Toyota GR Corolla teaser offers clues, confirms all-wheel drive


Toyota has once onceagain teased the upcoming GR Corolla hot hatchback on Instagram. This time, the teaser reveals the camouflaged model a little more plainly. It likewise verifies that it will have all-wheel drive like its GR Yaris cousin.

The model is tucked into the shadow of a stack of shipping containers. It’s infact in fairly plain see, though the low resolution of the image makes it difficult to make out any information. It does have a truly big lower grille that makes it appearance aggressive and oughtto offer excellent cooling.

The camouflage significantly uses the logodesign “GR Four.” This is the name for the all-wheel-drive system utilized on the GR Yaris, and is a clear sign that the Corolla will get the exactsame devices. This is amazing, duetothefactthat the all-wheel drive is one of the highlights of the Yaris. It has a center differential that can change front and back torque split. In the Yaris, it’s likewise offered with front and rear limited-slip differentials. Hopefully the choice brings over the Corolla. The Yaris is just readilyavailable with a manual, too. If the Corolla utilizes the verysame driveline, we’d bet it will have a manual, too.

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We likewise observed that one of the shipping containers likewise has the “GR Four” printed on it, along with “G16” for the engine, and “NA,” which mostlikely shows North America. But that’s about all we might area. We’re anticipating to see the GR Corolla atsomepoint next year, and it’s rumored to make almost 300 horsepower.

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