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Volkswagen Multivan test drive | New car reviews 2021


Volkswagen Multivan? It might not be a name that is familiar to many of you, unless you happen to be a VW Caravelle follower. But this name from the past adorns an all-new model.

Multivan is a name that Volkswagen has used from time to time in the past for particular versions of its van-based people carriers. There was a Multivan variant of the T4 Caravelle in the 1990s equipped with face-to-face rear seating and folding table between, which would convert into a double bed when needed. It even came complete with stud-fastened curtains.

From early next year, however, the Multivan name will return with this new vehicle, which becomes a model in its own right. It effectively replaces both the current Transporter-based Caravelle and the Sharan MPV, which has not been on sale in the UK for a while. It also marks an important departure for Volkswagen.

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What’s new about the Volkswagen Multivan?

While previous Multivans have been passenger versions of the familar Volkswagen Transporter van, this all-new model is based on the Volkswagen Group’s MQB architecture that underpins a large number of Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and SEAT passenger cars.

To further confuse matters, despite the fact that it’s based on a car platform and will only be available as a passenger model, it will be sold in the UK by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles rather than the passenger car side of the business.

That may be because Volkswagen has relatively modest expectations of how many will be sold here. Alice Axtell, the product marketing manager for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in the UK told The Car Expert that in a good year, they expect to exceed the 800 Caravelle sales that they have been used to previously.

To maximise flexibility, Volkswagen is not offering a three-seater bench for the third-row seats, there are three individual seats instead. The outer rails can carry electrical connections too, meaning that the outer seats can be heated. The seats are also said to weigh between 23kg and 29kg – up to 25% lighter than before.

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How does it look?

Externally, the overall outline also carries echoes of the Caravelle. At the same time, features like the front quarter window link it to car models such as the ID.3.

The front end is more steeply-raked and smooth, echoing Volkswagen’s latest passenger car models. Meanwhile, the sides and back end retain the very square sort of shape you’d expect if the Multivan was actually still a van. In fact, it’s probably a very good guide to what the T7 Transporter van will look like when it launches next year.

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