Home General What does cap stand for in education?

What does cap stand for in education?

What does cap stand for in education?

Candidate Assessment of Performance (CAP) for Initial Licensure Candidates. CAP assesses a candidate’s readiness for the classroom in relation to the Professional Standards for Teachers. Candidate Assessment of Performance (CAP) assesses a teacher candidate’s readiness in relation to the Professional Teaching Standards …

What is a CAP account?

CAPS is… The Centralized Account Processing System. It is an electronic postage payment system that provides business mailers a centralized, convenient, and cost-effective way to fund: Permit Imprint. Business Reply Mail*

What is budget cap?

Definition: Spending caps are limits imposed on the amount of budget authority provided in annual appropriations bills. History: Spending Caps are a mechanism used by governments to limit the amount of federal spending to avoid creating a deficit and/or adding to their national debt….

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What is cap on debit card?

The Chip Authentication Program (CAP) is a MasterCard initiative and technical specification for using EMV banking smartcards for authenticating users and transactions in online and telephone banking. It was also adopted by Visa as Dynamic Passcode Authentication (DPA).

What is a rate cap in insurance?

An interest rate cap is essentially an insurance policy on a floating rate, most frequently 1-month LIBOR. As an example, a $100M, 3-year, 4% strike cap will pay out if LIBOR exceeds 4% over the next 3 years. This puts a ceiling on the purchaser’s all-in loan coupon of 4% plus their loan spread.

What is a rate floor?

An interest rate floor is an agreed-upon rate in the lower range of rates associated with a floating rate loan product. Interest rate floors are utilized in derivative contracts and loan agreements. Often, this minimum is designed to cover any costs associated with processing and servicing the loan.

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What is a floor in a loan?

The floor loan is the minimum amount that a lender agrees to advance in order to enable the builder to commence the development of a commercial property….