Home General What does my word is bond mean?

What does my word is bond mean?

What does my word is bond mean?

—used to indicate that one will always do what one has promised to do You can believe me when I say I’ll help you. My word is my bond.

What does Word Up Son mean?

(slang, US) I approve; I agree.

What is the meaning of worked up?

informal : very angry, excited, or upset about something. See the full definition for worked up in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What is another word for worked up?

What is another word for worked up?

agitated worried
strung up distressed
strung out in a tizz
stressy overstrung
having kittens beside oneself

What does work off mean?

transitive verb. : to dispose of or get rid of by work or activity.

What does I am off mean?

an expression said by someone who is just leaving.

How can I use work in a sentence?

Work sentence example

  1. It did work this morning.
  2. After Alex goes to work and Jonathan goes to school, Destiny and I do the chores.
  3. Every day there is much work to be done.
  4. It will be so much fun to work on it with Jonathan and Destiny.
  5. How do these features work so well?
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What is a workup in medical terms?

The process of obtaining all of the necessary data for diagnosing and treating a patient. The patient’s workup is an ongoing process wherein all hospital personnel involved cooperate in attempting to determine the correct diagnosis and effective therapy.

How do you do aqueous workup?

For an aqueous workup of most organic compounds this will involve:

  1. Diluting the reaction mixture with a solvent for workup (this is the organic layer).
  2. Washing the Organic Layer with various aqueous solutions.
  3. Drying the Organic Layer with one of the drying agents.
  4. Filtering off the drying agent.

How is a company wound up?

When a company is wound up this means it is officially closed down, its assets and liabilities are dealt with, and the business removed from the register held at Companies House. As part of this process, all assets the company has will be liquidated.

How do you fix being winded?

Getting hit in the stomach or back can cause a spasm in your diaphragm. That means this muscle contracts — or gets tense — instead of doing its usual thing to help you breathe. If this happens to you, take some deep breaths. You should feel better in a few minutes.

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What does getting winded mean?

Winding is the temporary paralysis (spasm) of the diaphragm muscle. It’s often caused by a direct blow to the abdomen or chest, a fall on the back, or even a fall on the buttocks.

Why do I feel so winded?

If you feel winded without even breaking a sweat, heart or lung disease could be to blame, but they’re not the only causes. Some health problems that don’t seem related to your lungs can make it hard to breathe.