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What does na mean on a resume?

What does na mean on a resume?

NA is a written abbreviation for not applicable or not available. You may also like.

What does na mean on paperwork?

Not Applicable or Not Available

What does na mean in slang?

NA means “Not Applicable”, “Not Available” or “Native American”.

What does full talk time mean?

it means, the validity of the talktime is limited to 7 days. you have to use the talktime within 7 days. eg, you did a recharge of rs 50 full talktime recharge with 7 days validity. that is you can’t use the full talktime balance after 7th day.

What is the meaning of validity?

When you test something’s validity, you see if it holds true. You might enjoy testing the validity of this statement. The noun validity means genuine or authentic, but it also has a legal meaning: having legal force.

What makes a test valid?

A test is valid if it measures what it is supposed to measure. If theresults of the personality test claimed that a very shy person was in factoutgoing, the test would be invalid. Reliability and validity are independent of each other.

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What is reliability in language testing?

Reliability, which means consistency or stability in language assessment, is most simply. explained with reference to classical test theory, which posits a true score that an examinee. would obtain on a test that was a perfectly reliable measure of an attribute. Such reliable.

Is reliable test always valid example?

A test is valid if it measures what it’s supposed to. Tests that are valid are also reliable. However, tests that are reliable aren’t always valid. For example, let’s say your thermometer was a degree off.

Can a test be reliable without being valid?

The tricky part is that a test can be reliable without being valid. However, a test cannot be valid unless it is reliable. An assessment can provide you with consistent results, making it reliable, but unless it is measuring what you are supposed to measure, it is not valid.

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What makes test items test results invalid?

Usually this occurs when a biological sample that has been submitted for testing does not meet the specified criteria of an acceptable sample at the time of testing. If the correct criteria are not met or the sample appears to have been tampered with, it would be documented as an invalid test result.