Home General What is a bin insurance?

What is a bin insurance?

What is a bin insurance?

The BIN, or bank identification number on your health insurance card, is a six-digit number that tells the computer database at the pharmacy which health insurance provider is to receive the claim for your prescription. So despite the name, banks are not involved in the insurance billing process.

Is simple Health free?

Always free for everyone.

Is Simplehealth safe?

Absolutely. We work with highly vetted, licensed doctors who follow the same rules and regulations as your in-person doctor. Based on the information you provide, if our doctors feel that issuing you a prescription is not safe, they’ll be sure to discuss alternatives and other options that may meet your needs.

How do I contact simple health?

Our Patient Experience team is available by email at [email protected] and via text, if you have already placed an order. Currently, we are experiencing a high volume of emails and you can expect a reply within 3 days.

How do I cancel simple health?

If you’d like to cancel your subscription, please contact us at [email protected] at least 7 days before your refill date to cancel.

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What is the best online birth control?

The 8 Best Birth Control Delivery Services of 2021

  • Best for Overall: Nurx.
  • Best for State Availability: Prjkt Ruby.
  • Best for Education: Simple Health.
  • Best for Extras: The Pill Club.
  • Best for Cash-Pay: Lemon Aid Health.
  • Best for Customer Care: Pill Pack.
  • Best for Female Doctors: Twentyeight Health.
  • Best for Existing Prescriptions: Pandia Health.

Is simple health packaging discreet?

We ship birth control in discreet packaging (essentially just a white envelope) so no one will know that it’s medication that has arrived at your door.

How long does the pill club take?

Delivery times: It should take 3-5 days after receiving your tracking number for you to get your package.

How long does simple health take to ship?

From there, we’ll send your prescription to one of our partner pharmacies and they’ll ship it to you using USPS Priority mail. Once our pharmacy begins processing your order, it can take 4-7 business days for your medication to arrive to you.

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How can I get birth control discreetly?

Make an appointment with your general doctor or gynecologist . Or you can go to your local Planned Parenthood (or student health center if your school has one). Don’t be afraid to discuss birth control or sex with your doctor.

Can I get on birth control without my parents knowing?

Can I get birth control without anyone finding out? Yes. You do not need permission from a parent or guardian to get birth control. In fact, it is unethical and illegal for clinic workers or health care providers to tell your parents/guardians you were even at the clinic.