Home General What is a complete predicate in a sentence examples?

What is a complete predicate in a sentence examples?

What is a complete predicate in a sentence examples?

The complete predicate of a sentence tells what the subject does or is. It includes a verb and all other details that describe what is going on. example: My father fixed the dryer. The simple predicate is the main verb in the predicate that tells what the subject does.

What is the difference between the simple predicate and the complete predicate?

The simple predicate (simple verb) is a single word (or group of words if a verb phrase) representing the verb without any of its modifiers whereas a complete predicate refers to the predicate/verb as well as all of its modifiers.

What is the complete subject of the sentence?

A complete subject is the simple subject, or the main word or words in a subject, along with any of the modifiers that might describe the subject. To identify the complete subject in a sentence, ask yourself who or what performs the action in the sentence.

How do you find the complete subject and complete predicate?

Definition: A sentence can be divided into two halves: the complete subject and the complete predicate. The complete subject is made up of all the words that tell who or what the sentence is about. The complete predicate includes the verb and all the words that tell what happened in the sentence.

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What does every sentence need to be complete?

A sentence is complete when it contains both a subject and verb. A complete sentence makes sense on its own. Every sentence must have a subject, which usually appears at the beginning of the sentence. A subject may be a noun (a person, place, or thing) or a pronoun.

Is Must an imperative verb?

“Must” is not an imperative. It’s a Modal Verb….

What words are imperative verbs?

Imperative verbs are verbs that create an imperative sentence (i.e. a sentence that gives an order or command). When reading an imperative sentence, it will always sound like the speaker is bossing someone around. Imperative verbs don’t leave room for questions or discussion, even if the sentence has a polite tone.

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Which sentence is an example of the imperative mood?

Because: The imperative mood is a grammatical mood that performs requests, or orders. For example: “Please get me the salt.”…

What does an imperative sentence end with?

An imperative sentence gives a command or makes a request. It usually ends with a period but can, under certain circumstances, end with an exclamation point. Examples of this sentence type: “Please sit down.”