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What Is Boombox Feature/Mode In Tesla And How To Utilize It?


The other day, Tesla launched its vacation upgrade on the celebration of Christmas and updated numerous features. It also introduced a brand-new Boombox feature that is producing hype among fans.

Though a lot of Tesla fans are currently knowledgeable about the Boombox function, many typical users might require an introduction to it. Today, we’ll clarify this feature, discuss how to use Tesla Boombox, and tell you who can’t utilize it. Without any more ado, let’s jump onto the core.

What Is Tesla Boombox Function?

Tesla boombox function or boombox mode, makes it possible for users to relay sound outside the car through integrated external speakers. Tesla states, “turn your vehicle into a boombox and amuse a crowd through a media gamer when parked.”

Image: Reddit/JCannonTech

You can either choose a sound from the drop-down menu or set up to five customized sounds that you’ll need to publish through a USB or other external device.

Nevertheless, Tesla recommends checking local laws prior to turning your cars and truck into a boombox in public.

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How To Utilize Boombox Feature?

It’s very easy to use boombox mode, you have to follow these basic steps:

  1. First, tap on the Application Launcher icon present on the bottom bar of your Tesla screen.
  2. After that, tap on the Toybox choice.
  3. Under the Toybox folder, you will see the option to trigger boombox mode.
  4. Select the boombox choice and select the sound of your option.
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Who Can not Use The Boombox Function?

As pointed out earlier, the boombox mode permits your electrical vehicle to produce sound externally, and it needs an inbuilt external speaker. Just the vehicles that Tesla produced after First September 2019 have a built-in speaker.

According to Teslarati, the speaker was a security precaution when NHTSA required electric vehicles to produce sound to alert pedestrians. All Tesla owners who own a model made prior to the previously mentioned date will not be able to utilize the feature.

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Anyway, in addition to this feature, Tesla also presented some exciting updates related to synthetic sounds.

New Tesla Update Allows It To Fart On Neighbours

Image: Reddit/JCannonTech

Yes, you read it right. The brand-new Tesla vacation update has added a couple of new seem like goat baaing, posh, applaud, fart, and a few more that can be utilized as a horn. Tesla currently had a farting sound feature; nevertheless, users could utilize it through internal speakers.

Now, you can utilize farting horn through Emission Testing Mode, which is another feature of Toybox. You need to follow the exact same steps as boombox to access this feature.

To setup, choose fart noise from dropdown choices and put the cushion on the external speaker. You can then play sound by pushing the left scroll wheel button or using the turn signal. You can also utilize other noises.

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Aside from that, under the Emission screening Mode, there are two more choices: Drive Mode and Summon. As the name recommends, Drive Mode can be utilized to play sound constantly while driving the cars and truck. You can likewise play music while summoning your car. Here’s a link to the video demonstrating how to access these features.

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We hope this post will be of some aid to you. Drop your ideas in the remarks.