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What is difference between rain and precipitation?

What is difference between rain and precipitation?

Distinguish between Rainfall and Precipitation….Climate.

Rainfall Precipitation
(i)Rainfall is a type of precipitation when moisture falls on the earth in the form of drops of water. (i)It is the collective name given to different forms of release of moisture after condensation.

What would happen if rain stopped?

When little or no rain falls, soils can dry out and plants can die. When rainfall is less than normal for several weeks, months, or years, the flow of streams and rivers declines, water levels in lakes and reservoirs fall, and the depth to water in wells increases.

How can we save rain water?

  1. How to Harvest Rainwater. There are several methods of harvesting (collecting and saving) rainwater.
  2. Collect the Water in Rain Barrels.
  3. Install a Cistern – Rainwater Collection System.
  4. Create a Rainwater Garden.
  5. Replace Downspouts with Rain Chain.
  6. Other Containers.
  7. Tips for Managing the Quality of Saved Rainwater.

Why should we save rain water?

The elimination of runoff can reduce contamination of surface water with pesticides, sediment, metals, and fertilizers. By reducing stormwater runoff, rainwater harvesting can reduce a storm’s peak flow volume and velocity in local creeks, streams, and rivers, thereby reducing the potential for streambank erosion.

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Is rain water good for your skin?

Rain water is the purest form of soft water, that is, water that is not alkaline. In that case, boiling the water from the rains and then bathing in it might be good for your skin. Getting drenched in the rain water makes us happy and happy people have good skin.

Is rain water good for natural hair?

Rain water is supposedly considered “soft water” which is great for your hair considering it doesn’t dry out your hair like hard water (tap water). It also is said to help cleanse your hair better. Rainwater does still have chemicals in it, but it doesn’t contain as harsh of chemicals that are found in hard water.

Why does my hair get curly after I shower?

It has to do with the addition of water molecules to the hair. Simply put, hair reverts to its natural state when it gets wet which, in your case, is curly.

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What is the Curly Girl Method UK?

The Curly Girl Method is based on Lorraine Massey’s book Curly Girl – The Handbook which promotes the use of non-alcohol, non-sulphate and non-silicone products to naturally enhance and create incredibly soft and bouncy curls.

What is rainwater made up of?

Rainwater is a mixed electrolyte that contains varying amounts of major and minor ions. Sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, chloride, bicarbonate, and sulfate ions are major constituents, to- gether with ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, nitrogen, and other nitroge- nous compounds (Hutchinson, 1957).