Home General What is the age for non pro license?

What is the age for non pro license?

What is the age for non pro license?

17 years

Can a driver be called professional?

A driver is considered a professional if: Professional drivers are those who drive for a living. To do that they must have a Professional driver’s license.

Which JDBC driver will run your program?

There are 4 types of JDBC drivers: Type-1 driver or JDBC-ODBC bridge driver. Type-2 driver or Native-API driver. Type-3 driver or Network Protocol driver. Type-4 driver or Thin driver.

Which of the following is correct for Type 4 driver?

Native-protocol, pure Java driver, is also called Type 4 JDBC driver.

Which type of driver is most efficient?

Type 2 driver has better performance than type 1 driver because of less layer of communication and translation. As opposed to type 1 JDBC driver, in which JDBC calls are translated into ODBC calls before they go to database, type 2 JDBC driver directly connect to db client using native library.

What happens if you call deleteRow on a ResultSet object?

The ResultSet object has a cursor/pointer which points to the current row. Initially this cursor is positioned before first row. The deleteRow method of the ResultSet interface deletes the current row from the ResultSet object and from the table.

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What are the types of JDBC drivers?

Today, there are five types of JDBC drivers in use:

  • Type 1: JDBC-ODBC bridge.
  • Type 2: partial Java driver.
  • Type 3: pure Java driver for database middleware.
  • Type 4: pure Java driver for direct-to-database.
  • Type 5: highly-functional drivers with superior performance.

Is Jdbc a framework?

Spring JDBC provides several approaches and correspondingly different classes to interface with the database. This is the central framework class that manages all the database communication and exception handling.

What are JDBC and ODBC drivers?

ODBC is an SQL-based Application Programming Interface (API) created by Microsoft that is used by Windows software applications to access databases via SQL. JDBC is an SQL-based API created by Sun Microsystems to enable Java applications to use SQL for database access.

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Which is better ODBC or JDBC?

As you can see, with less number of records being fetched from the database, C(ODBC) performed better. But as the number of records were increased, Java(JDBC) came out as the winner.

How do I check my ODBC drivers?

How to check the ODBC SQL Server driver version (Windows)

  1. In Administative Tools, double-click Data Sources (ODBC).
  2. Click the Drivers tab.
  3. Information for the Microsoft SQL Server entry is displayed in the Version column.