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What is the meaning of kedusha?

What is the meaning of kedusha?


What is the meaning of Simchat Torah?

Simchat Torah, Simchat also spelled Simhat, Simhath, Simchas, Simchath, or Simchat Hebrew Simḥat Torah, (“Rejoicing of the Torah”), Jewish religious observance held on the last day of Sukkot (“Festival of Booths”), when the yearly cycle of Torah reading is completed and the next cycle is begun.

What does atzeret mean in Hebrew?

The Hebrew word atzeret is generally translated as “assembly”, but shares a linguistic root with the word atzor, meaning “stop” or “tarry”. Shemini Atzeret is characterized as a day when the Jewish people “tarries” to spend an additional day with God at the end of Sukkot.

What does Hakafah mean in Hebrew?

Hakafot (הקפות plural); Hakafah (הקפה singular)—meaning “[to] circle” or “going around” in Hebrew—are a Jewish minhag (tradition) in which people walk or dance around a specific object, generally in a religious setting.

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What do you use to read the Torah?

A yad (Hebrew: יד‎, literally “hand”; Yiddish: האַנט‎ hant) is a Jewish ritual pointer, popularly known as a Torah pointer, used by the reader to follow the text during the Torah reading from the parchment Torah scrolls.

How many days is Sukkot celebrated?


Why is the Torah paraded around the synagogue?

There is a continuous cycle of readings from the TORAH throughout the year in synagogue services. Because the TORAH is precious it is not touched by hand when it is read. A YAD (Hebrew for hand) is used. Yads are often made of silver.

What is the person who reads the Torah called?

There are always at least three olim (people called to read the Torah) unless a Kohen is present and no Levite is present, in which case the Kohen is called for the first and second reading: Initially, the Torah was read on the Sabbath or special occasions by the king, a prophet, or a kohen.

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How expensive is a Torah?

B’nai Tikvah’s committee has been quoted a dizzying array of prices—$35,000, $40,000, $60,000, all the way up to $120,000. The lighter or smaller the Torah, the heftier the price tag, especially if a fine parchment is used. Rabbi Wolkoff says lighter scrolls can cost $10,000 more than a conventional, heavy scroll.