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What is the meaning of supplementary exam?

What is the meaning of supplementary exam?

A supplementary exam is a form of further assessment offered to students who have not satisfied the passing criteria set by the educational institution for a particular course. they’re offered to students who achieved below the cut off score, normally 50% or 60% in a subject.

Why is it important to distinguish between distributing core and supplementary?

Distribution can concerne core and supplementary services, so it´s important to consider them separately, because for some core services (theatre, sporting event) you need to go to place where the service is delivered, but some supplementary services related with them (information, buy ticket) can often be distributed …

What is a core service?

A core service is defined as that which is essential to the public’s health and safety. Areas funded by the County in this category include roads, jail, law enforcement and required maintenance of effort to leverage state or other sources of revenue for basic public/mental health services and other social services.

What is the flower of service model?

The concept of flower service was introduced by Christopher Lovelock which distinguishes between facilitating and enhancing additional services. These different additional services can be classified into eight petals (Information, Order Taking, Billing, Payment, Consultation, Hospitality, Safekeeping, Exception).

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What is supplementary service innovation?

Supplementary Service Innovations. Adding new facilitating or enhancing service elements to an existing core service. significantly improving an existing supplementary service. Process Line Extension. involve adding a lower contact distribution channel to an existing higher contact channel.

Is an example of innovation in services?

Many service innovations involve fairly intangible characteristics of the service, and others involve new ways of organizing solutions to problems (be these new or familiar ones). Examples might include new types of bank account or information service.

What is supplementary services in GSM?

Supplementary services are additional services that are provided in addition to teleservices and bearer services. These services include caller identification, call forwarding, call waiting, multi-party conversations, and barring of outgoing (international) calls, among others.

How do you innovate a service?

5 Ways Service Companies Can Be Innovative

  1. Focus on needs. Just as a product company would create a product based on the wants and needs of consumers, so too should a service company.
  2. Pick a core service and make it rock solid.
  3. Look to new markets.
  4. Create stunning marketing materials.
  5. Be an incubator for products.
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How do you innovate something?

21 Great Ways to Innovate

  1. Copy someone else’s idea. One of the best ways to innovate is to pinch an idea that works elsewhere and apply it in your business.
  2. Ask customers.
  3. Observe customers.
  4. Use difficulties and complaints.
  5. Combine.
  6. Eliminate.
  7. Ask your staff.
  8. Plan.

What are innovative services?

Innovative Services offers community-based mental health services for people across the lifespan. Services are person-centered and recovery-focused, achieving the optimum level of independence and choice for all people and their families. Mental health services are available 365 days a year.