Home General Where does the expression beyond the pale originate?

Where does the expression beyond the pale originate?

Where does the expression beyond the pale originate?

Trim Castle in County Meath, Ireland, is most famous for two things: It was a primary location in Mel Gibson’s historic epic ‘Braveheart,’ and it also played a key part in originating the phrase ‘beyond the pale.

Is beyond the pale offensive?

The Pale was the name given to an area of Ireland under English rule and those outside that area were considered uncivilised aka ‘beyond the pale’. This is a phrase that is only used with raised eyebrows in Ireland and certainly feels inappropriate, if not offensive, coming from an English person.

Why was Dublin called the Pale?

The Lordship controlled by the English king shrank accordingly, and as parts of its perimeter in counties Meath and Kildare were fenced or ditched, it became known as the Pale, deriving from the Latin word palus, a stake, or, synecdochically, a fence.

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Is beyond the pale an idiom?

Outside the bounds of morality, good behavior or judgment; unacceptable. The pale referred to in the idiom is usually taken to mean the English Pale, the part of Ireland under English rule, and therefore, as perceived by its rulers, within the bounds of civilization. …

How do you go above and beyond as an intern?


  1. Work hard and do your best. Do the work that is asked of you and do not ever imply that a project may be beneath you.
  2. Make a good impression. The people you work with will be watching your every move.
  3. Ask for more. To truly go above and beyond, show your willingness to take on extra work.

How do I stand out during an internship?

10 Ways to Stand Out at Your Internship

  1. Arrived prepared and continue to prep, as if it’s one of your courses.
  2. Get to know your boss – and their work style.
  3. Ensure you know the internship description and that it’s being followed.
  4. Communicate by asking for what you want – before, during and after the internship.
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What do employers look for in interns?

Your prospective supervisor is interested in more than just your GPA, so whether you’re hoping to be a summer intern, planning on honing your time-management skills as an intern during the academic year, or applying for your first job out of college, it’s worth your while to draw attention to the transferable skills …