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Where should I go for dinner in Amsterdam?

Where should I go for dinner in Amsterdam?

Best restaurants in Amsterdam

  1. Jansz. Classics with a modern twist are the name of the game in this former apothecary’s shop with a canal view.
  2. De Kas. If the finest, freshest produce, beautifully cooked, is what you’re after, then a trip to De Kas is a must.
  3. Wilde Zwijnen.
  4. Sotto Pizza.
  5. Stork.
  6. Moeders.
  7. Cannibale Royale.
  8. Pesca.

Where should I eat lunch in Amsterdam?

The Best Lunch Restaurants in Amsterdam

  • Vondelpark3. Restaurant, Northern European, $$$ Add.
  • NENI Amsterdam. Restaurant, Mediterranean, $$$ Add.
  • Sea Palace. Restaurant, Chinese, $$$ Add.
  • Restaurant Merkelbach. Restaurant, European. Add.
  • Dignita Hoftuin. Restaurant, European, $$$ Add.
  • BUFFET van Odette. Restaurant, European, $$$ Add.
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How many restaurants are there in Amsterdam?

1000 restaurants

How many tourists visited Amsterdam in 2019?

Number of inbound tourists in the Netherlands from 2014 to 2020 (in millions)

Number of tourists in millions
2019 20.1
2018 19
2017 16.3
2016 15.8

How many restaurants are there in the Netherlands?

15,500 restaurants

How many people visit Amsterdam annually?

20 million

Is Amsterdam too crowded?

Amsterdam has become very popular. The Dutch capital attracts two very distinctive crowds. In peak season, crowds are inevitable. The city is fighting hard against over tourism, but crowds only seem to get bigger.

Why is Amsterdam a popular tourist destination?

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. With its universities, academies, and research institutes, along with more than 40 museums, numerous theaters, and entertainment venues, Amsterdam is also the country’s leading cultural center.

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Where should you not go in Amsterdam?

Red Light District