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Which support is best with Vayne?

Which support is best with Vayne?

My personal favorites are Braum, Thresh, and Leona. Any support that makes his landing phase easier tbh. A typical Vayne match up right now is: Caitlyn, Jhin, Varus, Draven, Ezreal, Miss Fortune, and Twitch.

Who counters Vayne?

Vayne Counter Pick

Win Rate Play Rate
EzrealProdigal Explorer 48.63% 12.97%
SivirBattle Mistress 50.47% 1.93%
CorkiDaring Bombardier 49.28% 1.38%
JhinVirtuoso 51.51% 9.78%

Who is the best support for Ashe?

Braum, Brand, Vel Koz, Thresh. These 4 are the best paired with ashe. Anyone saying shield/heal support is great is just a beta male ashe player and should not be trusted.

Is Ashe a bad ADC?

In reality, she’s an above average adc that’s very good on teams that lack utility. But she isn’t flashy, isn’t mobile, and doesn’t do insane damage, so people don’t really care about her unless she’s OP. Ashe is pretty great. Decent utility ADC, yeah.

What ADC goes well with Lulu?

  • Kog’Maw. Ideal. You win.
  • Ashe. Strong. Ashe stacks attack speed.
  • Draven. Ok. Draven is meh with Lulu.
  • Ezreal. None. Like no.
  • Caitlyn. Strong. I guess she is ok, even if she doesnt stack that much attack speed.
  • Kalista. Strong. Kalista is nice Give her W+E and watch her kill her foes 🙂
  • Kai’Sa. Ideal.
  • Jinx. Ideal.
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Is Ashe good fe3h?

He’s a great support unit, but he’s also capable of killing most things in one round. He’s not the most powerful mage, but he’s quick and doubles just about everything, so he’s been pretty awesome for me.

What class should I make Ashe?

Personally, I’d recommend making him a Cavalier/Paladin/Bow Knight (since they grant better mobility than being on foot, and therefore let him reach doors and chests more quickly) or a Wyvern Rider/Wyvern Lord (since they grant him even better mobility than mounted classes and generally better stats, in exchange for …

Is Ashe good three houses?

Ashe is an odd one honestly. His growths speak assassin, but his strength is below par, meaning he would have a hard time killing. This is why I think that ashe is good as a warrior/war master/wyvern lord. His extremely high dexterity also means he is probably one of (if not, the best) user of the vantage wrath combo.

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What class should Ashe be?

Ashe is depicted using a sword in a lot of her official art and the like, but as mentioned before her stats really make her a more natural mage: her best classes are thus the Black Mage, White Mage or Red Battlemage and Time Battlemage – and we honestly recommend making her one of the ‘pure’ mage classes at first.

Can Wyvern Riders use swords?

Wyvern Lords can use swords.