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Why am I trying to fill a void?

Why am I trying to fill a void?

We try to fill the void with food, relationships, work, and things that are supposed to distract our attention. Emptiness can be caused by an unfulfilling job, a lack of close friendships, a toxic relationship, or a simple lack of self-love and compassion.

What is a void in a relationship?

When we talk about a void, we talk about a lack of something. It could be a lack of a social life. A lack of self-love. When you look for love out of a need to fill a void, you don’t look with clear eyes. The idea is just to find somebody – anybody – to avoid being alone.

How do you know if you’re filling a void?

How to Know if You Are Looking for Love to Fill the Void Inside…

  1. You want a distraction. Having someone to talk to can feel comforting while also keeping your mind from having negative thoughts.
  2. You are looking for some sort of fulfillment.
  3. You settle for the wrong person.
  4. You are codependent.
  5. You want someone to heal you.
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How do you fill a love void?

When those needs are not met, we experience an emotional void….Now, let’s talk about 7 steps to fill that emotional void.

  1. Confess. Begin by admitting to yourself (and to people that care) that you have an emotional void.
  2. Describe.
  3. Identify the distractions.
  4. Discover the origins.
  5. Share.
  6. Heal & fill the void.
  7. Additional tips.

How do I fill the emptiness inside?

Here are 4 ways to fill the emptiness in your life:

  1. Dig deep down within yourself to understand your feelings. We can’t solve the problem if we don’t first understand it.
  2. Allow yourself some sort of outlet for your emotions.
  3. Commit to loving yourself, no matter what.
  4. Get involved in activities that make you happy.

How do I accept emptiness?

A mindful exercise to accept feeling empty.

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Try to get a sense of the outer edges of the emptiness you feel.
  3. Try to get a sense of the space inside the feeling of emptiness.
  4. And finally: if your feeling of emptiness could speak, what would it want you to know?
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Is it possible to have no emotions at all?

Despite the name, the real problem for people with alexithymia isn’t so much that they have no words for their emotions, but that they lack the emotions themselves. Still, not everyone with the condition has the same experiences. Some have gaps and distortions in the typical emotional repertoire.

What bragging says about a person?

There is a sense with bragging that we are self-glorifying. It is an integral component of healthy self-esteem and a crucial part of each person’s sense of self. With bragging, conversely, we are talking about excessive pride.